“Sound of Silence”

“Sound of Silence”


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Over 8000 + hours dedicated to mentoring and coaching individuals. A well-established process that helps people tide over life challenges.

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The story of

Shrenik shah

Shrenik Shah … living what is often said only in mentoring
sessions. Making it a world that is better for people one person at a time through mentoring and counseling. That effort is magnified as keynote speaker. Now helping organizations build a workforce that is well advised on issues of mental health.

Shrenik Shah.. his life experience is as unique as his voice.

Motivation sessions that draw from personal experience. A book can teach you a lot about the forest. When you walk through it is when you know what through a forest is like. The journey that we take is personal.

In a dark hour, Shrenik discovered that his voice had left him. A life that was blessed with family and career. That changed one morning. The medical intervention helped, but the natural ability to speak was gone for good.

In a darker hour, he resolved to let his new voice be the guiding light for people. We can all do better with help and the sound of silence.




We Can All

Do Better

seek advice

There is a popular saying and it goes “no one told you….”  It is from a popular TV sitcom, and that is true. We plan and things do go horribly wrong. As we attend to all that we need to, life does give us those moments where we realize, that nothing went as wished. That feeling which tells you it is going to become worse, and self-doubt that says ‘do I have it in me’?

Well, we all do .. let us discover the hidden strength together. Seek help in those moments and sail through with ease.

Meet people with similar struggles

Humans have done well because of their ability to collaborate.. Yuval Harrare .. When we read or listen about struggles  .. what stays back after the reading/listening is over?

Let me answer that for you.. What stays back is how to overcome A particular challenge.

Discoveries like these are best done in groups, and mentor sessions are a good way to discover challenges and how we can address them

Hear a keynote!

Organizations.. are made of people who ally.. If you are in a leadership position at an organization and looking back there will be many moments in your life that left a mark. Those marks are called experience. We look back at them to seek inspiration and guidance.

Allow people in your organization to ally and offer positive reinforcement.

Create that amazing energy that helps people ally. Choose keynote talks

What People Say

Kaustubh Patel

What People Say

Check out my


by Jasveer Singh Dangi 

The life and journey of Shrenik Shah in a book authored by Jasveer. A personal journey that helped develop coping mechanisms. A guide rail for youth and young professionals of the world.

A must-read is talking about

“The sound of silence: working to bring about positive reaffirmation for people and organizations across the world.”


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